About me

Dimitra Grivas

Artist | Poet | Painter

Painting is a passion

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary materials

Dimitra Grivas was born in Athens, Greece in 1985. Though having completed a BA as well as an MBA in Economics, she came to discover that her creativity could not be contained within formal education. Thus, Dimitra decided to devote her time after graduation to her development as an artist and pursued apprenticeships with the renowned Greek painters Tsigris Panagiotis Beletekos and Costas Niarhos. On the basis of the knowledge gained from her tutors, she began to broaden her horizon by travelling and gathering knowledge on different methods and trends in the art world. Upon returning to Athens, Dimitra established her own workshop and studio.

Based on her familiarity with concrete as a material gained through her family’s business in the cement industry, she developed a unique approach to painting in which she uses concrete as a canvas. Dimitra has always been inspired by the properties of concrete as a material and its history in the progress of human society and habitation at large. Through a process of research and experimentation, Dimitra has come up with a unique cement recipe that is mixed with oil or acrylic paints to be applied to the concrete canvas. The way in which the concrete coalesces with the paint lends a unique quality to the finished works. The solidity and sturdy nature of the cement are laden with industrial associations that contrast and interact with the bright and individualistic nature of the colors applied.

“Cement is heavy, not only in weight but also in energy and yet gains a sense of craftsmanship when combined with my paints, it allows me to portray all the nuances of the feelings and emotions I wish to express as an artist” - Dimitra Grivas

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