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12th April 2018 - 28th April 2018

Twone exhibition in Athens

On Thursday April 12th at 8.00 pm Art Zone 42 Gallery proudly presents the solo exhibition of the acclaimed artist Dimitra Griva, titled TWONE.

1st June 2018 - 30th June 2018

Twone exhibition in Moscow

On May 31, the first Moscow solo exhibition TWONE (pronounced TUAN) by artist Dimitry Grivas opens at Trekhgornaya manufactory in Moscow

11th September 2018 - 22nd September 2018

Exhibition in Mykonos

Group exhibition in the isle of Mykonos

16th February 2018 - 15th April 2021

Protected: I scream

Performance and sculpture art by Dimitra Griva. Inspiring emotions and associations turned in to ice cream or maybe what your soul screams out loud. I scream what I feel...

22nd September 2018 - 23rd September 2018

Exhibition in Hermitage Moscow

The biggest cultural event of 2018 according to government of city of Moscow