Twone exhibition in Moscow

  • Exhibition in Moscow 2018



  • 1st June 2018
  • 30th June 2018
  • 12:00 PM
  • 09:00 PM


  • Trekhgornaya manufactory, Karetny ryad, 3 , Moscow,
  • Russian Federation


  • Free

Twone art collection

On May 31, the first Moscow solo exhibition TWONE (pronounced TUAN) by artist Dimitry Grivas opens at Trekhgornaya manufactory, where about thirty works performed in a unique technique of painting with acrylic paint and oil combined with cement on a concrete basis will be presented - a kind of “concrete canvas ”, which (as well as works) is created by the artist herself. The exhibition is open from 01 to 20 June.

The concept of the TWONE artistic series revolves around love and passion, the strength of which destroys the boundaries between physical and psychological communication and opposes contemporary social constraints. Laconic, sometimes sketchy forms and hard lines, desperate courage of color solutions - all reflect the freed emotions and feelings that are projected onto the brutal material of the works created. In the works of Dimitra Gryvas, the image of two human bodies constantly appears, in its absolute manifestation - both on the physical and mental levels - striving for connection, flowing into each other, up to turning into an amazing single-headed creature.


Dimitra Grivas is experimenting with the technologies and the size of his works - they “breathe” and belong to the rare category of paintings, which can be exhibited both indoors and in open spaces.The saturation and uniqueness with which concrete interacts with paints and absorbs them makes it possible to reach new heights of expressiveness that ordinary canvas cannot give. The "energy" of cement behind the artist's works gives the works a tough, industrial character, bringing painting to a new level.

“Cement is a heavy, weighty material. He doesn’t just weigh a lot - he has powerful energy and power, which, being combined with color, give me exactly the shades of feelings and emotions that I want to express as an artist, ”Dimitra says, and this“ magic power ”is clearly present in her painting on concrete canvas.

The press-show is being held by the curators of the exhibition Ekaterina Kudryavtseva and Inna Pulikova (Art-bureau “CLASSICA”).
Accreditation is required