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Dimitra Griva

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Dimitra Griva

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The beautiful journey of art, where paintings and poetry tell you beautiful stories of the soul.

My passion is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

I was born in Athens, Greece, in 1985 and received an economic education (bachelor’s degree and MBA). Comprehending the basics of art and design, I was increasingly understood the possibilities of cement – this amazing material that for several millennia played an important role in the development of mankind. What is concrete and cement I knew from early childhood, because my family’s business is associated with the production of cement.

I began as a self-taught artist, experimenting with various materials. I knew that I could create and implement completely new forms of artistic expression. I studied with the famous Greek artists Tsigris Costas, Beltekos Panagiotis and Niarchos Costas and traveled around the world in search of new ideas, studying various traditions and trends in art

Then, returning to my homeland, I founded my own workshop. After a long search for my own material, having tried acrylic and coal, oil painting and sculpture, I began to use a unique, innovative method of painting, creating a new direction in art – painting on a concrete canvas. The secret ingredient of cement for such a concrete canvas is oil or acrylic paints, which each time makes the canvas “tell” a new, never repeating history.

Information about Dimitra is published at respectable online resources as Wikipedia and Cyclowiki

Paintings on concrete canvas, it became possible to breathe life, warmth and beautiful colors,

saturated with poetry and beauty, into gray and cold cement.